Memorial Day

May 29, 2017

On Memorial Day, wear blue: run to remember produces a national memorial event.  Partnering with local non-profits, wear blue encourages runners and walkers across the nation to commit to run or walk miles in honor of each service member killed in the Global War on Terror. wear blue asks the nation to challenge themselves physically and mentally by choosing a distance that is greater than their average training, whether it be 1 mile or 100, in order to ground the day in its true meaning of honor and remembrance.

Runners can join their local chapters, organize a meet-up, or run individually. By the close of Memorial Day, runners and walkers across the nation will have shared in a national effort to run in honor of every member of the American military who laid down his or her life for this country. Local chapters will create community wide events, which feature marked running routes, a shared meal, and American flags placed into the ground as a visual reminder of the lives sacrificed.wear blue: run to remember provides the names of fallen service members to athletes to honor with their steps.

Click the image below to download your own "I Run For" artwork to print out and personalize.